Kardel Gatling 500mW/1000mW/3000mW Blue/Green/Red/Purple Burning Laser Pointer

Kardel Gatling 500mW/1000mW/3000mW Blue/Green/Red/Purple Burning Laser Pointer

Kardel Gatling 500mW/1000mW/3000mW Blue/Green/Red/Purple Burning Laser Pointer

REAL 3000mW 445nm Blue Laser Pointer (Class 4 IV)
REAL 1500mW 445nm Blue Laser Pointer (Class 4 IV)
REAL 500mW 405nm Violet/Purple Laser Pointer
REAL 500mW 520nm Green Laser Pointer
REAL 500mW 650nm Red Laser Pointer
With 5 interchangeable laser lenses
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  • Ultra High Power
    REAL 500mW/1500mW/3000mW 445nm/405nm/520nm/650nm blue/Violet/Green/Red laser pointer (high power handheld burning laser).
    Same as, or even better than many lasers labeled "10000mW/20000mW/30000mW " or "10W/20W/30W" from other sellers.
    Ignites matches instantly, burns cigarettes and papers in seconds. Sets plastics and wood on fire, and engraves on low melting point metals.
  • Professional Appearance Design
    Inspired by Gatling machine gun.
  • Adjustable Brightness and Focus.
  • Super Bright
    Less than 2.5 mRad of divergence for parallel light laser beam makes its range go more than 12.5miles(20km).
  • Expanded Lens Kit
    With 5 interchangeable laser lenses, creating beautiful light effects of various patterns: star, cross, mesh, floodlight & galaxy, etc.
  • Safety
    U.S. FDA standard.
    Built in safety lock. When it is not in use, use the keys to lock the power switcher against any accident caused by carelessness.
    With safety goggles, to protect eyes against laser hazards. Made of polycarbonate, stylish and comfortable.
  • Warnings
    Never point at humans and animals.
    Always keep away from children's reach.
    Never keep working for more than 2 minites, or it may be damaged.

Ignites matches instantly

Shoots 6 balloons in a row

Burns plastic wires

Ignites a cig

Laser lights effect with different laser lens

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More Information
MPN Kardel Gatling
Brand White-label Product
Laser Color Multi-colored Laser
Laser Power 3000mW Laser
Laser Beam Diameter <2.5 mm
Laser Beam Divergence < 2.5 mRad
Laser Beam Distance >20000m / 12.43 miles
Laser Lighting Modes Momentary On / Off and Constant On
Duty Cycle 120s
Interchangeable Lens Yes, can be changed
Adjustable Focus Yes, zoomable
IP Rating IP67 Waterproof
Laser NOHD 485.6ft | 148m
Required Eyewear OD 3.0+
Battery Type 2 x 16340 Li-on Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Lifetime 30 minutes
Body Style Flashlight Laser Pointer
Shell Color Silver
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Working Temperature 5~140℉ | -15~60℃
Storage Temperature 5~140℉ | -15~60℃
Expected Lifetime 5,000 hours
Weight 8.5oz | 240g
Dimensions Φ1.1*5.5in | Φ27*140mm
Warranty One Year
Package List 1 * High Power Blue Burning Laser Pointer
1 * Laser Goggles
1 * Charger
2 * 16340 Batteries
5 * Laser Lenses
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